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CT Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Law

It is a difficult and life changing decision to bring a lawsuit for divorce, never mind the frustration of dealing with the judicial system. The collaborative approach is an alternative route in dealing with the process of divorce which often provides a more productive and less adversarial setting encouraging problem solving methods in a private forum. Your involvement with the Court will be limited and the private details of your life, other than your final settlement agreement, will remain private.

In the collaborative law process you are represented by an attorney who works with you, your spouse and your spouse's collaborative attorney to resolve all the issues involved in your particular situation. The goal is to reach a mutually satisfactory settlement by sitting down as a group and focusing on the needs of your family. These meetings are productive, efficient, client-focused, and often enable the parties to share their opinions directly in a stable environment.

Not all divorce cases are appropriate for the collaborative process, but please ask us about this option during your free 30 minute consultation.


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